Food Diary ,anyone?

After knowing about my recent update on work status, somehow my mind that has been so fulled with work , now at ease and now think about my passion, food and photography. So everyday, i have always create something, and we call it my Fusion creation. Let me list it so i can remember this eh? Some has photos for sure !

Day 1 : Roast pumpkin,beetroot with big shallot, garlic, crumbled feta cheese. Sauce of balsamic,mustard,honey,salt and pepper. Combined with arugula salad with mango, topped with roasted sunflower seeds ( or pine nuts).

Day 2:  Chicken ala Italia ( roast chicken with italian style tomato sauce – recipes of tomate sauce inspired by Julie Hathaway).

Day 3: Mahi-mahi grilled or pan fried and green salads .

Day 4: Pasta with stir-fried shitake mushroom, carrots and red capsicum.

Day 5: Beef satay or chicken if you prefer ( marinated ala Thai sauce), pan fried tofu, roast zuchini and japanese cucumber, roast potatoes, fresh shallot, topped with peanut sauce.

Day 6: Chicken Soya , perfect with Asian rice dish, mushroom stir fried with garlic and salt. Left over chicken can be roast and served with green salad and couscous.

Day 7: Pan fried salmon with thinned garlic, served with stir fry of green beans, mushroom and carrot.

Day 8 : Sunday – pumpkin soup with whole wheat garlic bread.

Pumpkin Soup

Sunday Lunch

Beef Satay

Beef Satay with roast zuchini and potato, topped with peanut sauce and fried shallots

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