It’s Been a While

Hello friends. Yes, it’s been a while. I re-create this page because i think i want to expand the function of free weblog and i guess this will be my choice. I am not a web blog -savvy but i do know that i should have my own page where i can write everything, post anything i have taken with my camera, things that i have tasted and tried, places i have visited, people I met and a memory to keep. One day, when i am no longer existed in this world, people will find this blog and follow my story again and perhaps one day, there will be a book or a movie about it too? Who knows huh 🙂  So let me tell you again about it. I have been blogging since the year of 2006 if I am not mistaken. I am pretty sure it’s earlier than that but my other blog has that recorded so i guess that may-be the first blog writing, although my eagerness to write has been forever, since i wrote poems at my high school times, i love to sing but i am not confident enough to sing in public, i have been singing beautifully for my bey which he says” her voice is like honey” very sweet of him to say that, and in fact my passion for food is way bigger than my curiosity to try the recipes instead to admire the whole arts of creating such a good looking food and tastes as good too! I also love vintage things, so i am now slowly collecting my momma old collections which may still around and i will aim to look for more when i visit home next month, and of course, to go to those places i always missed , and give my best friends best warm hug they can ever get from me and to wander around my little town on a scooter.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog. I will post some photos from my trip, or from food i took photos of and recipes to share. All is good !

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